Magnus wins The Ray of Sunshine


This year’s Ray of Sunshine at the Norwegian Film Festival went to Magnus, directed by Benjamin Ree.

Read about the awards ceremony at last ned (1)

Jury statement: “This year’s Ray of Sunshine is a film that manages to fill us with enthusiasm and move us on many levels.  The feedback from both the press and the audience is uniformly positive. This is a film where the human being is at the centre, proving how love and community can bring out the very best in us. This is the story of an extraordinary human being and talent, and through tight and respectful dramaturgy, as well as a good helping of humour, we get deeply under the skin of its protagonist. We are impressed by the combination of archival footage and clips from the current times, which all together allow us to get to know a family we would have liked to be part of. This film deserves a big movie theatre screen and a long life in the cinema”.


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