April 12. the feature documentary MAGNUS celebrated it’s World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in New York, where audience as well as reviewers recieved the film very well. It became the fastest-sold out film of all the films at the festival, and distribution rights were sold to 56 countries. The sales agent TrustNordisk has collected some quotes from the Tribeca reviews below.

Magnus - Tribeca Poster - Moskus Film 2016

Screen Daily / David D’Arcy: “Taut and pached with drama at 76 minutes, Magnus is a sure-fire festival sensation”

The Upcoming / Sarah Sutton “It strikes a nice balance, and will manage to bring a few tears and many smiles to its audience as it concludes. Cleverly made and surprisingly interesting.”

The Hollywood News / Paul Heath: “MAGNUS, both the film and the person, is remarkable, and truly inspirational. Chess has never been so engrossing, mesmerising or entertaining. Benjamin Ree’s film is a wonderful account of one of the greatest achievers of the past decade, and is an absolute must.”

Film Pulse / Mary Leslie: “I am a sucker for an underdog story, and Magnus hits all the right beats. It’s a story about an adorable – yet clearly introverted – youngster who is bullied in school and then finds something he’s pretty good at.» 

We Got This Covered / Lauren Humphries-Brooks: “A film like Magnus has to appeal not only to those in the chess world, but also to the vast majority of us outside it…”

VG / Synnnøve Macody Lund: “An exceptionally engaging and gripping film.” / “The film conjures remarkable tension for such a personal and intellectual game. Chess has never been quite so riveting…. To make a movie about such an elusive figure is a challenging undertaking, and it’s a testament to the quality of Magnus that the film succeeds as well as it does.”

School Library Journal / Kent Turner:The filmmaking enlivens his story, making it appealing to seasoned chess players and novices alike.



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