The Mysterious Package

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The Mysterious Package was a multi-media sensation. Viewers from all over the world gathered in front of their TV stations, laptops, mobile phones and radio stations to find out what was inside the 100-year old package. «May be opened in 2012», the mayor in Sel municipality wrote on a package in 1912. In 2012 it was opened.

Benjamin Ree had the idea for the project, made a documentary before the live opening and was sending live, communicating with his viewers interactively during the opening.


Media respons

The Twitter feed was running non-stop, it was on the top of, 2,5 million views only at the Norwegian VGTV and reports from all over the world:


‘Do not open until 2012’: The secret of mysterious parcel wrapped in 1912 is unveiled in Norwegian town


Town in Norway ready to open 100-year-old mysterious package


Town Set to Open Mysterious Century-Old Package


Sealed for 99 years and 363 days – so what was inside the mysterious parcel left to a small town in Norway?


100-Year-Old Mysterious Package In Norway Set To Be Opened



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Curious about what was inside the 100 year old package? Watch this: